November 13, 2017

Being a Beginner

"All through your life you are a beginner in everything until you do that thing. To be adept at something you have to keep doing it until. Never give up." unknown

Three beginner words of the week.

Perseverance. Even though I've written many patterns and held many programs, the 150 Canadian Women has been the biggest and highest learning curve that I can remember. Putting this program on a CD is a fabulous and interesting experience. So many little things have to be completed to even get it to the stage of readiness. Doug of dat media, the media man, has been terrific, extremely helpful and even re-created the CD label.

CDs are to be shipped next week. Woohoo!

Health. This year I've been watching my mom grow older not by the years, nor by months, nor by days but instead by minutes. I've learned that growing old is not for sissies. 

Winter. Not much to say about it except that it's here and I'm still in denial.

Oh, one more sentence. Looking forward to the shortest day, December 21.

November 6, 2017

Bonus Blocks

Winter arrived a couple days after we got back from Quilt Market. From 70 degrees to -7 degrees.

This was my favourite non quilt. Bet you didn't know that you are a CEO.

T-shirt from Stitchin Tree Quilts from Woodbine Iowa

How many of you have fabric scraps remaining? I know I did. It seems I didn't cut as many mistakes as I usually do. Because of this you get a quick and dirty pattern for not one but two bonus quilts.



October 30, 2017

Borders - Market

Quilt Market in Houston was very exciting this year. We got to to see upcoming patterns and fabrics,
a World Series baseball game ( ok actually only from the tv but the game was only 3 blocks from the convention center),
the annual little kids hallowe'en party in the park across the street and 
the next day, new this year, an eastern Indian event complete with camel rides.

We are at the end of the program. This is sad but oh so exciting because all your patience and hard work is coming to fruition. We finally get to see all the awesome quilts that you have completed.
Two of my extra blocks, well actually all of my extra blocks are extremely simple, one maple leaf fabric in four and the other two are reminders as to why I created this quilt. Canada is 150 and my favourite parts of the national anthem.

My quilt has the multi horizontal borders. 
On the back is the Alberta panel from Northcott, a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman (love that fact that he's saluting) and the Canadian flag, and lastly a huge area to write, with a pigma pen, my label.

Today the link is for the remaining one to three borders. For the first red border you have a choice to make it with one red fabric or make a piano key/perpendicular border or a multi horizontal border (shown above). The last two borders are one fabric, background and red.

One Fabric
Perpendicular/Piano Key
Multi Horizontal

This has been an exciting journey for me and I hope for you as well. Remember to post your quilt on the 150 CW Quilt Along group page or send us a finished quilt top or quilt pic and we will post in the gallery on the website.

We hope that you continue to follow us to our new adventure coming soon to our website.