March 19, 2018

Signing or Labeling Space 2

Signing or labeling your quilt is a very important part of the history of your quilt. Many of us never label a quilt. How many have heard about a lost or stolen quilt, or found or purchased an older quilt and wondered where it came from, who made it, who it was for, when it was made?
I always put the name of the quilt, my name, where it was made, the date finished (some put when they started). If I know who is getting the quilt, their name and relationship is added. If I don't know, then I'll put Made Especially For You.

The labels can be as elaborate as you want. Most of the time I write the information on the back of the quilt using a pigma ink pen. (sharpies have something in them that may bleed leaving an oily stain)

Another way to sign your quilt is by stitching your name on the front of the quilt. You can see how Heather Thomas does it in the video how to sign a quilt.

Ah, Spring happens in a couple days. Well, maybe where you are but, here it happens between late April and late May. You've heard April showers bring May flowers; in Calgary it is May snows bring June flowers. We are told not to plant until after the May long weekend. In two days a foot of snow evaporated only to snow another 4 inches/10 cm the next day. We got to fill in what had melted. Then it snowed every night for the next three nights. However, it all evaporated that day. No shoveling. Hooray! There is a saying in Calgary, if you don't like the present weather just wait an hour.

Our Monday hike took us through Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary. What fun seeing not only the birds but also mama deer and her baby.
Space Quilt Program Block 2 is online now. We are travelling through the Auroras.

March 12, 2018

Women's Day Walking

Happy almost Spring everyone. Even though the 150 Canadian Women quilt program is completed we are still posting about other women that are pioneers on the facebook group 150 CW Quilt Along. Be sure to join if you haven't already done so. This week, we posted about the Australian jockey, Wilhelmina Smith, alias Bill Smith. She rode as a man for two decades and no one new until after her death.
You can find the article on Australia's first female jockey here.
Today Mother Nature in all her glory gave us a taste of Spring. My hiking group winter walk was around one of Calgary's little gems, Bowness Park and the Bow River. You cannot see very well, but the ice is about 2 ft thick in this area. The river barely iced up last year and is sure making up for it this year. The snow on the cookhouse roof is barely hanging on. When the sun finally is high enough in the sky to melt it there will be a major avalanche.

March 6, 2018

Social Bite - Jo Avery of myBearpaw

This is a wonderful project that the husband of quilt designer and teacher, Jo Avery, of myBearpaw in Edinburgh UK, is building and she is making quilts for. If any of you in the UK are able to help check out her blog here.