February 15, 2020

The Maze, Bolt Shelves, Mouse

   Here we are. These boxes and more are ready to go on 
The Maze
these shelves. In the mean time, there is a total mess on and in front of my sewing table. Cannot even determine that it's a sewing table. If I only look on the left side of the room, the anxiety stays low. Shelf along the back wall and beside the chair has replaced the counter-cupboard on the right side. Counter-cupboard is gone. It was a collector for everything.
Wide angle of room
Whew! First shelves of colour wall. It feels sooooo good.

   Because we want to open with new shelving, there are 4 fabric bolt shelves that are available for purchase. This one is 82"h, 48"w, 24.5"d, 4 slanted shelves - great for easy viewing of toys or other notions in boxes on them, flat top shelf 69"h - also excellent for putting stuffed animals or books or cutting mats or iron or other notions on top. All hand made from 3/4" Baltic Birch. Call or email Quiltnasium. Also, check out the website for hot deals on fabric.

   According to Saturday morning, Spring is almost here. I'm folding fabric on the table and suddenly here a scratching, chasing. Thinking that Kitty was chasing her tail I ignored it. Then there is another scratching. What the heck? Crap a mouse/vole! Thank goodness there are empty boxes in arm's reach. Flip it over and cover the mouse. Slide the lid under the box, flip box over and out the door. So glad the box maze prevented the mouse from going under the furniture.

  Where have you all been? I've been hibernating. Too cold to go outside. But this week was exciting. Brought mom a present. First of the year. The maze of boxes is a terrific place to play cat and mouse. That is until mom heard us and panicked. Oh rats mouse! I think she covered it with the box. Where the heck did it go? I hear it running around. I can smell it.
Kitty and Mouse
Where's she taking the box? Why is she going outside? I'll just check around again. Here mousy mousy. Hmm! I'll just find another present. Good to know I haven't lost my touch. It's only just begun. HeHe.

February 3, 2020

See Shadow Or Not

   Who believes the groundhog prediction? Ol' Balzac Billie up the QE Highway says Spring is coming early. Yeah? In the mean time good old Father Winter says, if that's the case I'm going to make it snow today and every day.  I was only teasing when you got the shorts and t-shirt weather last week.
snowing again

The river walk was brisk today. Don't know how these silly ducks can handle the cold river. It's sad mama nor papa duck taught them to go south for the winter.
bow river geese

   In the mean time, we are finishing found fabric and quilts left, right and centre. A Border Creek Mystery quilt top finished - purchased kit.  I think I didn't finish it before because the white border and the white in the pieced border didn't show very well and now I'm definitely not going to make more borders to change the white. Hm, you can see the white borders in the picture pretty good.

January 27, 2020

One Quilt Top Finished - Fabric Bolt Shelves

   And 100 more to go. Well not quite, but sure feels like it. This Paddle Wheel pattern from All People Quilt was used in a class for paperless paper piecing. Because I didn't follow instructions about there being a kit with the paper, I had copied the pattern onto a vellum type paper. Oh boy, there was no waxy side that you could iron the fabric to. Plus I wasn't going to pay for the kit. (rebel) So I used a fabric glue stick and it worked excellently. A dab is all that was needed either on the fabric or paper, then press. The fabric wasn't sticky when the paper came off. Whew, all is well.
Paddle Wheel
   Because I'm trying to finish these quilts to be used as large laps or twins, how do you make this table topper larger without a lot of piecing? Design in EQ8 of course. So yes, made twelve more triangle blocks added HSTs and solid squares, and voila, an abstract flower. The paperless paper piecing, which I love due to no ripping out paper, took about 6 hours but, the rest was very quick. (trick was to piece a section of the 6 blocks of the same fabric then press, then trim and piece another section, instead of each block separately)
abstract flower
I especially like this image in negative format. Hmmm, will have to try it. Maybe change the three triangle block to a different pattern.
abstract flower negative
p.s. the weather is a balmy 35+F or +5C. Shorts and t-shirt weather.

Besides the fabric and notions on sale, the fabric bolt shelves are for sale as well. We will be using different shelving in the new place. Call or email us at ask at quiltnasium dot com.