November 13, 2018

Ice on the Lake

   Oh no, winter is really coming. Ice is beginning to form on the lake, there is frost in the mornings and we shoveled three times last week. Every year I say we're only going to shovel the front sidewalk and a path from the front door to the front sidewalk. So far so good. The new vehicle is bigger and higher off the ground so, will see how it goes.

  We are into week one of the next 80 Splendid Sampler II blocks. You can get your book in softcover or kindle version.

Here is my Sunny Side Up version breakfast for four. (top left clockwise) Curves Forever by Jenny Pedigo & Helen Robinson. We think this cool block would make a great border as well. Estelle by Joyce Beenes. Oh how I love the smaller pieced blocks and so easy to make. You can really change the block look by changing the values. Next is Hashtag Love by Jane Davidson. A wonderfully simple yet effective block. We all love the hashtags. Was hashtag even a word before social media? 😄 It definitely is better than pound love. Lastly, Ticker Tape by Debbie Brown. Check out her blog Higheredhands Debbie Brown Quilts .

  Do you see that white stuff? Who put it there? Brr. Hm! Since I can't go outside without getting a chill and my feet wet, I think I'll just lay in the sun till Spring.

November 6, 2018

The Final Block

  This is it. The 20th and last free block from the Splendid Sampler II. Thanks to Lissa Alexander for her block, Big Sun.

We found it tricky making the quarter square rectangle.

It was tricky making the rectangular quarter triangles. 
Lay out all the triangles.

Sew the triangles together. After pressing the seam so the white fabric was on top, the yellow fabric was showing at the edge (was wider in the seam allowance so that one could see it). We had to trim the seam a smidgen. The picture shows the scissors at an angle. This causes the white fabric to be a bit wider than the yellow fabric. Therefore the yellow fabric does not show.

Pin the center point to align when sewing the two halves together.

Open center, spin and press seams.

Align the triangle marked paper on the quarter rectangle and trim around the outside edge.

   Spent an extra long long weekend at Quilt Market in Houston. Outside the convention there is a beautiful park that is used for many events. Last weekend there were also street vendors. Look at what I found! Pac men carrying the garden gnome away. 

We are always amazed at the amount of fabric collections the are produced each year. And now with digitally printed collections they are enticing that much more. Aye E!
We've all seen Hoffman's big flower. Look what Cindy McCracken has done with her flower. This gives me so many ideas for my own design. So stay tuned.

   So while mom's been either on the computer or sewing, I've discovered birds in the front rose bushes. The continuous crashing of blinds one morning made mom raise them. So now they are raised each morning. (She's still in training you know and coming along just fine.) Now I can see all the birds. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for the birds, when they land on the window sill all I can do is slap the window.  It's so frustrating. I sit there and chirp call them but cannot grab them. What to do, what to do. I guess it's called practice.
Where are you my sweet birdie.

Here birdie, birdie. Come to my window sill.

October 29, 2018

More Quilt Alongs

   Is it good to have enough quilt alongs and block of the months so that you can call it block of the day? Hum. Call me crazy. Yes, I've joined 3 more. Two from Stitchin' Tree

and Freshly Pieced's new 2019 BOM.

   Besides all this I'm working on the remaining 80 Splendid Sampler II's blocks. Since applique is not my forte, these blocks are being done first. This prevents having to continuously change the decorative thread. Ugh.  That being said here is the next free block. It's Radio Waves by Pat Sloan. Very easy.

The corner triangles were cut larger so that the block could be trimmed to the correct size.

   Ah, the life of Riley. What more can anyone ask for? R and R in the sun. 
I see you taking my picture.