February 11, 2019

More Brr Great Piecing

   Another very cold week coming up. It's said it hasn't been the cold for this long since 1989. 1989! That's when I was driving back and forth between Okotoks and Calgary. How soon we forget. 

However, what great weather to bunk in and sew to your heart's content. And, this is exactly what happened. I managed to get all the Splendid Sampler II blocks completed! But in keeping with the schedule here is my version, Sunny Side Up, of this week's blocks.

   It would have been fabulous making Lots O Hexies, by Yvonne at Olfa, while sitting at the Coastline (eating) Sponge Cake, by Katarina Roccella.

Next is Stitch-N-Paws, by Richy Lainson, with Sunbonnet Me To You, by Jane Davidson.

It was tricky making the paws look like the template. My tip is to trace the paws on the fusible paper, fuse to fabric, carefully cut out the toes and pad, use the cut out template to place the pieces in the holes, use the tip of the iron on the tiny pieces just enough to stick down, very carefully remove the template and do the final iron to fuse to the background.


February 4, 2019

Brr It's Cold Outside

   And piecing inside. The last few days has been nothing but a deep freeze. Everyone talks global warming but, these cold days are normal since I can remember from the 1960s and forward. We are in the deep freeze then a Chinook, deep freeze, Chinook... If the weather is cold for more than 7-10 days then everyone is grumpy. The Chinook comes and everyone is happy happy happy. That's Calgary weather for you.

   Anyways, we've been piecing up a storm, working on the Splendid Sampler II blocks both at home and at Quiltnasium. Am so looking forward to warmer weather so we can Come Together by Lee Chappell Monroe under the Iowa Star by Jodi Sanders

and Match Point - by  Mary Honaker - Ice Cream - by Jane Davidson - and Snail and Pail - by Wendy Sheppard.

   Plus we were working on the 150 Canadian Women quilt blocks.


   Meow everyone. An exciting thing happened last week. A fox was hanging around the yard and on the ice. You see there are lots of wild rabbits around here. Mom was quite upset. She said that the fox knew I was around and that I would make a great snack. She followed me everywhere. Annoying as it was, I still appreciated it. The last few days it is too cold for kittys, all animals and people to be outside. I just stick my nose out for a smell then run to my warm spot.

January 28, 2019

My Turn

   It's been an exciting and wonderful week to see everyone's version of my block, Fresh Start. Last Thursday my block, Fresh Start and three other fabulous designer blocks in the Splendid Sampler II were introduced to you.

   Fresh Start by myself is great for experimenting with texture. The next fun block, Pack Your Bags, by Jodie Carlton made me think I should be booking a winter break getaway very soon.

Blue Ribbon by Melissa Mortenson, was harder but well worth the persistence. Mine is still 3D. The outside edges will be sewn down when the surrounding blocks are attached. Lastly, Lauren's Flower Basket, by Annette Plog gave way to wishing the winter away. I can hardly wait for spring.

   Quiltnasium is now open Wednesday to Sunday 10a-4p. Come and investigate what is behind door 4. We are ready to start post the retro fabric on Quiltnasium's facebook page for sale so that we can bring in more new. Check it out on Thursday. Be sure to like us and follow us so you can see the fabric.