August 3, 2020

Long Weekends

   There is nothing like a long weekend. Many decades ago, a group of us used to load everything up and head to a semi private lake in B.C. It even got to the point where DH and I would leave on Thursday to get some down time before the rowdies arrived. Ah! Ha! Then everyone else started coming Thursday, so we would leave Wednesday. Even just one day alone was heaven. Sun and boating and liquid (water what else were you thinking) in no particular order depending on the day.

Today was just as great. First hike this summer. A hike through the west end of Fish Creek park in Calgary. Not hot yet; thank you clouds. Just the right amount of breeze. 

The hike loop view.

Beaver made candles.

Too the west, thunderclouds coming this way. Can you see the animal?

 Purple flowers. 

Canada thistle.

    Paper Sky block 2 is almost ready. Remember, when block 2 goes up, block 1 goes to the store purchase. So go to Quiltnasium and download block 1.
   Quilt alongs for 150 Canadian Women and Gypsy Wife details in the Fall.

   Oh mom, go away, I'm hunting! Bug, bug bug. Can't she see I'm concentrating. Every 15 minutes out she comes to see where I am. Oh meowzer, she's got the camera. Honestly, you'd thought she never saw a cat hunting. Okay, I'll let her see my eyes, but not too much. Happy? Meeew!

July 22, 2020

Paper Sky Block 1

  Block 1 is uploaded and ready for you. Editor said that the paper piecing demo will be available Thursday. In the meantime, I'm demonstrating paperless paper piecing on the Quiltnasium Quilt Along by Kat facebook page.


July 20, 2020

Another Monday

   Another Monday and what are we doing? Playing solitaire! Yep, that's it. Was to go hiking for the first time this summer. Nope, that didn't happen. Electricians came to replace the ceiling fan, that hasn't worked for 2 years and changed out 12 lights to LED lights. It'll be much brighter and cooler for the quilting classes that are still on hold.

   I want to make Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife quilt soooo bad. How many of you would like to quilt along with me? We have the pattern instock.

   Also, how many would like to start or get back to the 150 Canadian Women blocks? How about quilting along as well? This time I'm going to have a dark background and different colours of blocks and may or may not make 2 quilts instead of one large one. Must have the pattern that you either downloaded 2-3 years ago or purchase the CD.
   One more week until Paper Sky kick off. See you on facebook Quiltnasium Quilt Along by Kat group page.

  Oh Meow! Not good. I heard mom talking to a pest control sales man yesterday. He wanted to eliminate the voles and mice in the yard. He said he's going to work on the neighbour's vole problem. I've managed to eliminate all but one in my yard but the fence is in the way to the neighbour's yard. I know, I know, there's never just one. But, that gives me a reason to get up and at it in the morning. Geesh, what's going to happen. There will be no watching, listening, staring down or daring those varmints to come on over to my side of the fence. 
Here mousy mousy. Come to mama.