December 23, 2010

Reorganization Continues

The reorganization continues very slowly but surely. Have now gone through two 3 cu. ft. moving boxes filled with WIPs. Work In Progress sounds so much better than UnFinished Objects.

For many years I had no intention of completing the quilts. They were part of my thirst for knowledge on techniques. When I started quilting, for the second time, I became a sponge. Classes here, classes there, and more classes everywhere. There was and still is so much to learn.

Also in the boxes were some of my first block of the month designs. The 2 star quilts are same pattern. One is country, the other is contemporary. If you look close at the quilt on the right side, you can see the odd green piece. I said to Donna, one of my testers, wouldn't it be cool to put lime green in some of the blocks. I was thinking inside the box, a center or corners. She was thinking outside the box, only one piece anywhere in the block. How ingenious!

For the last couple weeks it's been nose down and pedal to the metal. One would think that these quilts had to be done for Christmas. Completing borders, making regular backs, making art backs, getting ready for the longarm quilter.

It was fantastic to use fabrics from the stash. Particularly, the ruler fabric without having to cut it up. A few more meters gone!

And to use 9 of the left blocks, that didn't make it into a previous quilt, for the back of a table topper.

Then, there is this very old round robin row quilt. The quilt began with the bargello. You remember the Bargello? I had a fat quarter color run that worked perfectly.

The next person thought the bargello looked like the northern lights, Aurora Borealis.

Now, take the bargello row apart and put it around the top of the quilt.  Voila, the northern lights!

Add the bottom row. Carol, a geologist, said it was a cross section of the geological formation under my house. At the time, thought it was cool because I had also studied geology. Wasn't going to use this row but when some of the medium brown was cut off, excavated, it worked perfectly!

Notice how the trees have moon glow from the silver lame moon in the previous row.

Inner Border - Only top and both sides. No bottom inner border.
Outside Border - navy with gold stars sewn at an angle to a navy with light blue hi lites.

A perfect work of art!

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