July 3, 2011

Modern Quilts

For a few years now, very large, large and large medium scale fabrics with all kinds of textures have been around. Everyone loved them but no one really knew what to do with them. One would never think of mixing any of these textures in a quilt.

Then the Modern Quilter arrives. They pick the fabrics they love. They mix all textures and colors together. They create their quilts without inhibitions.

Over the last 3 years, I have learned a great amount about combining stripes, plaids and various textured fabrics from the freebie 15 program at Traditional Pastimes in Calgary. It is nothing out of the ordinary to receive a package similar to this each month.

Then, ding ding ding and the light goes on. The Modern fabrics are similar to the Thirty's fabrics. They are bright, true color fabrics and are combined with white or another solid color. Here is my attempt to moderize the block of the month quilt, Elegance, with the fabrics below.

Same blocks - 1st block Traditional - 2nd block Modern.

Unfortunately, the second block from a distance shows that both the black and red colored fabrics are too similar.

The block looks better close up.

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