January 18, 2012

Scrap the Deep Freeze

We are in the Deep Freeze! It got down to -40 last night. It doesn't matter whether that's Fahrenheit or Celsius, it's DARN COLD. But, don't feel bad for us because 3 hours/300km/180 miles, north of us it was -50. And what a perfect day to make scrap quilts.

Two ladies in a group that I meet with every month, decided it would be fun to do a 9-Patch scrap project again. It was so much fun last time we signed up again. Out of the six categories, Repro's with tone on tone white, Country, True Scrap, Novelty, Floral and Jewel Tones I signed up for three of them.

What was I thinking!!!

It's only 8 or 9 9-patches every month.
Oops, times 3 categories.
Oh my, times 5 months.
Ikey rumba! That's 125 9-patches.
Ah Ha! I'll do them all right now instead of a little bit every month.
Ta Daaaa! DONE.


 It's always a great surprise to see how fabrics in your stash go together so well. My favorite, the daisy and fern fabrics, were put into the stash project area for a future design. 

What fun! Farm animals with beach stuff.

True Scrap
This was harder to make until I read the new book by Helen Roddy Brown, "patchwork-play QUILTS".
She explained and had pictures showing the many ways to scrap a quilt.

Stay Warm!

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