July 4, 2012

Den/Office Reorganization

Another block done. This miniature piecing is a big learning curve for accuracy. Even though the block is 12" finished the pieces are 1/2". TG it's a simple 9-patch and rail fence.

How I spent good ol' Canada Day weekend. The weather "Oh, look, it's raining. Haven't seen rain for a day?"

WooHoo, Yee Haw, Yahoo!! Another room is reorganized. Back on September 25, 2011 blogged about combining 3 areas into 1. Ok, just threw 2 other areas into a 3rd.
It all started because of this little 3/4" picture hook.

It fell behind the stuff piled up on the wall closest to the right side of the picture. After unsuccessfully searching for the blasted THING, I got tee'd off and started cleaning, recycling, throwing out. That was last Saturday. This is today.
Yes, there are still 4 boxes on the floor. That's ok because they are destined to other people/groups. It is so fantastic to be able to open the blinds to look out. Yes, the pink elephant is still here. The desk has been raised 8". That was fun a couple of months ago, trying to move around all the STUFF to lift the desk to put the black piece under. Now, I can stand at the computer to work instead of sitting all day without getting up. Surprisingly, I often stand and only sit for short periods of time. The keyboard is now also at the proper height at all times.
Cannot tell you how wonderful it is to work in my office. Maybe will get those block of the months rewritten in faster time. All the pictures, been here 15 years, have been hung in the office, in the open staircase, in the great room and in the studio.

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  1. That quilt is totally amazing... oh my goodness, you have way more patience than I could ever muster... great job! Love the reorganizing too.