November 24, 2013

Happy Grey Cup Day

It's so great when the Chinook winds come to Calgary. Everybody is happier and the winter isn't so bad after all. It was a spring like day yesterday and is starting to be another spring day today.
Nothing makes a sports quilter happier than piecing a new design and watching/listening to the Canadian Football League, CFL, game. What's even better is that this game is for all the marbles. It's the Grey Cup 2013 game today.

Summer Quilt Pattern
Purple bubbles fabric, "Chemistry" by Camelot Fabrics, looks like planets in space.
Oasis Garden block
The backyard has been pretty exciting lately. There has been a Red-Shafted Flicker visiting. It's either been feasting on the crabapple tree or drumming on the house decoration.

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