January 5, 2014

All that glitters is Golden - Golden Years

November and December 2013 were months of reflecting. Could it be that I'll be an intermediate senior this year. Do I dare spell it, sixty. (Jr. is 55, Sr. is 65)

Last summer, my mom fell and broke her hip all because she was in a hurry and not paying attention to her surroundings. I can so relate. Go. Go. Go. This was a wake up call. Slow down. Pay attention to the surroundings. Spend more time with friends and family.

So, unlike past years, during this holiday season I accepted every invitation in all of December. It was tiring and extremely fun. LOL, note to self: pace your eating - three or four times a week dining out equals 15 pounds. Oh, but what Fun!

A friend, Jackie, from Jackie's Art Quilts, asked What is your one word for 2014? Mine is Go-for-it-while-smelling-the-roses-along-the-way.

So now it's 2014, and with that comes new quilts and new fabric and new friends and new fun times. All is GOLDEN.
You've got to love shops that have holiday sales and even those that don't. Requirements: fabric for three golden quilts. Oops, there may be enough to make double that or more plus backs.

May all your quilts be golden
or blue
or colorful
 or filled with quarters.

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