January 14, 2014

Golden Winter Walk

Why does it sometimes take us forever to make a decision on what fabrics to use in a quilt? There is always that one fabric that you need and cannot find. This selection has been developing for a week. One week. Yes, one week. Way too long. The worst thing about this, I'm still not sure about them.

One thing I am sure of is that it's a 100 year snow in Calgary. There hasn't been this much snow since 1929.  What's really annoying is that there is more snow on the ski hill in Calgary than at Sunshine Mountain ski hill which is at the top of the Continental Divide (a line of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains). This morning, there was not just frost on the pump handle there was another 2-3 inches/5-7 cm. of snow.
On one hand, all this snow makes me feel like the Canadian flag, all wrapped up and hanging in there for warmer weather.

On the other hand, winter is so peacefully beautiful! Without it, it would be so brown and boring.
everyone is out and about
mountain ash snow caps

snow garland

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