February 27, 2017

End of February Blocks 46-48

It's the last day of February, the snow is still here and it's cold. Last Thursday it was a balmy t-shirt and shorts and melting snow weather. Today we are longing to be lounging. March 1 will tell the tale, will it come in like a lion or lamb.

Week 16 - This week we are looking for gold, exploring Canada and playing music all because of lost love.

B l o c k s   4 6,  4 7,  4 8

Available Tuesday February 28 at 10 am Mountain time
        46 Kathleen Parlow
47 Katherine Ryan
48 Charlotte Small


1 comment:

  1. Whoosh, I see the rubber is hitting the road this week. No easy blocks! But, some very pretty ones. :D