February 2, 2017

Quilting Queenie Shadow

We cannot believe that we are 11 weeks into the 150 Canadian Women program. All you '150 Quilt Warriors' are creating fabulously. It is so inspiring to see all the combinations of fabrics and colours on the 150 CW Quilt Along page.

 Here in Calgary,


See you on Tuesday.


  1. I have not yet started mine and there have been so many different colour ways. I found the Northcot fabrics at Len's Mill store this week so had to buy some.

  2. Love the cartoon. Timely and creative.
    My blocks are coming along nice. The 150 is more manageable than the 365 Challenge I started last year. I love to learn about the people( women in this case) who make our country wonderful.

  3. I just love that cartoon. My husband is sitting at his computer right now and thought it was very apropos. Especially yesterday ! When I was trying to figure out block 30 in black and white (copied from my printer that only does black and white! This is so much fun thank you to Jackie who convinced her mom to do and me too!

  4. Good thing they are still looking to the groundhogs for the predictions, and not us quilters! lol