July 31, 2017

Happenings - Blocks 112-114

What's happening is it is really smoky and summer is half over. For those with school children you are half way to back to school. New clothes, new books, new pens and pencils, new this and new that. 

As a kid, those days were great days. As a mom or a dad it was even better days. The days of hearing I'm bored, there's nothing to do will soon be over. As an adult, doing nothing is now a blessing and definitely not boring. I have learned how to piddle a day away, no problem.

Which brings me to the next three women. They definitely did not piddle their days away. I'm exhausted just reading about them. They went all out throughout their lives. First at this, first at that. Kim knew what she wanted and went for it. Grace proved that women are just a capable as men. Elizabeth wasn't going to put up with any shit from the hired hands and sold the farm.  

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112 Kim Campbell
113 Grace Annie Lockhart
114 Elizabeth Catherine Bagshaw


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