August 28, 2017

Blocks 124-126 Week 42 Moving

Countdown: 9
Speaking of countdowns in four more months Christmas will be over and we'll be looking forward to a new year.

Even when you're packing up someone else's belongings moving is tiring. Boxes, clothes, dishes, linen, shoes, ... and ... and ...  and .... What goes to charity? What goes with you? Haven't decided which is more tiring packing or unpacking. Now it is all done and waiting to be recycled or reused. 

The best part is the three days of mandatory sewing starting today. Yahoo!

Block 123 revision Step 3 the square should be 3 1/2" not 4 1/2". Be sure to reprint the page. You may have to refresh the pdf page to get the revision. 

B l o c k s   1 2 4,  1 2 5,  1 2 6
Thank goodness for one of the next women and her studies in women's health. 
Here come da judge. Why a woman of course.
Last but not least a non conformist who believed in diversity.

124 Anna Marion Hilliard
125 Helen Kinnear
126 Violet E (Beth) Candlish


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