August 7, 2017

Week 39 Blocks 115-117 Downsizing

My mom is 92, Lord love her, and she is still teaching me. It's been one of those 2 weeks for all of us. The night before she moved to a seniors lodge I think she decided that OMG her children haven't packed all her worldly possessions, I better finish packing. The next morning, moving day, we get a phone call, "I hurt my back." She was packing and moving boxes. The first days were very positive and the lodge is excellent but, where are her boxes and the pain has not gone away. You have to love her for acting 50 in a 92 year old body.

Moral of the story is be kind to your children and start downsizing at 50-60 even if you are not moving to another home. Do not save your worldly possessions for your children or grand children or great grand children or great great grand children. Give it to them or the thrift stores or churches or shelters, NOW. Five years from today the object will be obsolete. Plan and tell your children what you want done should anything happen. I tried to get mom to plan 20 years ago. Her answer "I'm not that old." It is surprising at how little you really need for survival.

Week 39 - twelve more groups of Canadian women remain. It's so close can you feel the excitement growing. These next three women traveled across Canada or to the US to do what they wanted to accomplish. If men can do it women can do it as well. Where there is a will there is always a way.

B l o c k s   1 1 5,  1 1 6,  1 1 7

115 Audrey Marlene McLaughlin
116 Jenny Dill
117 Dr Emily Howard Jennings Stowe


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