September 4, 2017

Week 43 Blocks 127-129+

Labour Day was the coolest day we have had all summer. So much more comfortable. It does feel like fall is coming. 

Previously I showed you my crabapple tree in the back. The fruit tree in the front, I thought was some sort of cherry but it looks like an apple, maybe crabapple. Does anyone know? In all the 20 years it has never been so loaded with fruit that the branches are touching the ground. 

I've been travelling back and forth to Strathmore and have heard the crops are the best they've had for awhile. This is surprising to me because we've had so little rain, 1 day a month, and over 30 C or 90 F temperature. There must have been enough moisture from the s_ _w, winter precipitation. ( Probably shouldn't have written w_ _ _ _ r either. )

Countdown 8. Week 43 presents the first world peace creator, a rocket scientist and a film director/producer of outdoor movies plus a pioneer for humane treatment of animals in movies.

B l o c k s  1 2 7,  1 2 8,  1 2 9

127 Julia Grace Wales
128 Yvonne Madelaine Brill - nee Claeys
129 Nell Shipman


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  1. husband agrees, looks like crabapples! YUM! Appreciate learning more about Canadian history and the women who made a difference.