October 2, 2017

Week 47 Blocks 139-141 What a Difference a day makes.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. The wind was warm. The neighbourhood rabbit, George, was enjoying the day. BUT

today is another story. It's warm and blizzarding. More blowing snow that snowing. Driving in the city was so easy BUT once you got to the outskirts, forget it. Did I turn around. Nope. The mind said turn around turn around go home; you can go tomorrow. The foot said you can do it. All I kept thinking was what a trucker said to me, 'Don't stop. Keep moving. It's more dangerous to stop than to drive slow.' This picture is my back yard in the city early this morning. Next week there will be images of the blowing snow. 

Finally got the two scrap quilts completed. They are off to the quilter. Pattern coming soon.

To really Canadianize our 150 quilt we put this Canada panel, approx 13"x20", on the back and are using the stripe for binding. All fabrics are available here

A picture is worth a thousand words when taken by the right photographer. Can a person, let alone a woman, estimate the upcoming crops. Yes she can and with accuracy. She may not be able to swim but, she sure saved a lot of people. 

B l o c k s  1 3 9,  1 4 0,  1 4 1

139 Sergeant Karen Margaret Hermeston
140 Ella Cora Hind
141 Abigail Becker


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  1. WOW! That is really amazing. What a fast turn around. I hope George got himself to someplace snug!