October 9, 2017

Week 48 Blocks 142-144 Snow? EQ8 Upgrade

This is last Monday October 2. A small clearing on the highway otherwise it was total whiteout and you absolutely could not see one foot in front of you and hope like h that no one was stopped on the highway. You had to wear polarized glasses to see the all the snow movements and ruts. Ask us how we know.
Image by Dames on the Range facebook pictures

And now for one week later. Today it's 54 F and you would never know we had a blizzard.

Well folks that is Calgary. 

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B l o c k s  1 4 2,  1 4 3,  1 4 4

Do you yearn to be Chief of Surgery, or create a new medical system, or ask a lot of questions, or be a lawyer. We have these three women to thank for leading the way.

142 Dr Minerva (Minnie) Ellen Reid
143 Phyllis Jean McAlpine
144 Margaret Paton Hyndman


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  1. I never heard snow so noisy. It almost sounds like hail! What a difference a week makes, eh? Thanks for these next blocks. I can't believe there are so few to go!