November 13, 2017

Being a Beginner

"All through your life you are a beginner in everything until you do that thing. To be adept at something you have to keep doing it until. Never give up." unknown

Three beginner words of the week.

Perseverance. Even though I've written many patterns and held many programs, the 150 Canadian Women has been the biggest and highest learning curve that I can remember. Putting this program on a CD is a fabulous and interesting experience. So many little things have to be completed to even get it to the stage of readiness. Doug of dat media, the media man, has been terrific, extremely helpful and even re-created the CD label.

CDs are to be shipped next week. Woohoo!

Health. This year I've been watching my mom grow older not by the years, nor by months, nor by days but instead by minutes. I've learned that growing old is not for sissies. 

Winter. Not much to say about it except that it's here and I'm still in denial.

Oh, one more sentence. Looking forward to the shortest day, December 21.

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