March 26, 2018

Quilts Quilts and More Quilts

Spent the last few days going through a stack of quilts from years gone bye. Am moving my mom's late 1950's bedroom suite into the spare bedroom. Now when my vending booth buddy stays over night she doesn't have to sleep on the couch. The couch is so comfortable that when you lay on it, its magic power lulls you to sleep. I've learned to never lay on it when you absolutely want to watch a tv program all the way through.

This bedroom is the catch all for my quilts.


Then I found this beauty. It was made from one of Kate Spain's layer cakes. At the time I figured out how to cut one block from one 10" square of the print then add the background. Stay tuned, next week and there will be instructions for the block.


  1. I am just going through my spare bedroom (which gets piled up with quilts!). I was going through all my quilts and trying to decide what to do with them. I found a great solution for table runners! I store them on those pant hangers with four bars and hang them in the closet in the spare bedroom. Works slick and they're out of the way. Now if I would only hang them up right away instead of tossing them on the pile for later! LOL Happy room cleaning! It must be spring :-).

  2. That's a wonderful pile of quilt stuff. =) I really like the one you're going to feature in a tutorial. The fabric choices are so good because they are neither glaringly bright nor dismal. They're perfect with the white background.