April 9, 2018


My heart goes out to everyone around the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and the truck driver. A huge thank you to those that came upon the accident to report it, the first responders and all the medical and other people involved.

Monday was a reflecting walk through Sandy Beach Park. All the snow kept everything quiet. The sun shone like it was summer. A great place to reflect and be grateful.

One of Calgary's nicknames is Cowtown. How appropriate it was to see a silver cow in the backyard along the Elbow River. 

Over the last year I've been participating in a Super Secret Quilt Project. Last year was a red and cream year doing the 150 Canadian Women quilt. This year is a yellow year. All the colours from brown to dark gold to sunny yellow to orange yellow. I'm calling the quilt Sunny Side Up. More information coming.

Did anyone make a Rocky Mountain Puzzle? Please send an image so we can ooo and ahh over the quilt on facebook.

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