April 16, 2018

Fabric Organization - Space 4

Like me do you spend a lot of time searching for a fabric that you know you have. I also spend a lot of time searching for a certain length of fabric. Frustration. Then when pulling fabric from the shelf sometimes others come out as well because I didn't use a long ruler to separate the fabric on top and bottom of the wanted piece. So now it's in a pile on the floor. And does it get put back properly? Maybe.

This will be the umpteenth organization. Many years ago the fabric was on cardboards, but, there was no consistency in cardboard width. Some are thick; some are thin. And I the fabric reproduced somehow. 😇Then, it went to being folded and put into bins, but, the bins were not square and there was wasted property between the bins. And on, and on until lastly, it was refolded using a 9 1/2" ruler and laid flat, but, hard to see the fabric and if at the bottom of the pile then too hard to pull out. 😣 The plan is to have the fabric go from this 
This is only one shelf unit
to this

It seems like it will take forever to redo, but, it will definitely be better in the long run. I'm using the Original Mini Bolts for the centers. They are 7 1/2" x 11 3/4" white plastic. Since the fabric has to be laid out before rolling onto the Mini Bolt, I'm measuring the yardage at the same time, then rolling the fabric on the mini bolt and putting a label on the top with the yardage written on it.  

For all you Space junkies, block 4 is up. We are travelling through the Milky Way. 

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  1. Years ago I began buying fabric for quilts. Using empty Xerox paper boxes I would wash iron and fold the fabric, and standing the box on its end would stack the fabric in there so when I took the top off I could see all the fabric inside. Then I found out that cardboard leaks acid into fabric in storage, weakening and discoloring it. I moved to the 25 gallon plastic bins with the 2 folding together meshed tops... do not know how better to describe them. When full of my fabric they weight about 25 pounds! But with the quantity of fabric for quilt-making that I have this is the best way I have to store them. I have 5 bins with 1800's reprints in them... I usually buy 1 yard cuts of whatever i'm getting. A bin of landscaping for picture quilts, one of fabrics for "building houses", since our guild makes a quilt a for the latest Habitat for humanity homeowners in our area. Then there is a bin of greens, or blue or... whatever color. A bin of 1930's, and so on. (I could open a store!) Since light fades fabric I do not have "open storage" When the bins are in the house where I can get at them, they are wrapped in dark towels to keep light from fading and weakening the fabric.