April 30, 2018

Spring Happy Space 5

Hooray, Spring is finally here! It was surprising and wonderful to come home from a green grass and trees in leaf place to no snow, lake ice melted and seeing green grass under the last year's grass. I keep saying that I'm going to green turf the front yard so it's green all year round. Just think I'll have the greenest yard in the hood and no mowing.

This week we are in the throngs of getting ready for the Fibre Arts and Quilt Show in Claresholm this Saturday. If you're in the area come on down and see me. They are asking if at all possible to make this block to enter into the quilt raffle. Click here for info then scroll down to March 29.
Has anyone read this book, Solve For Happy, by Mo Gawdat, engineer and Chief Business Officer for Google X. I was intrigued, how can engineering be applied to happiness? I've only read 100 pages so far and it is very thought provoking. It's very interesting to see how a logical mind, as in engineering, mathematical, computer, relates to happiness. Page 50, The Voice is Not You, is ... Really? Hummmm?

Space 5, the final frontier and right through the Black Hole is up and ready.

The little voice in your head is not you. Mo Gawdat

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