May 17, 2018

Asteroids space 6 may 15

Spent a few days in paradise, sewing room, working on some secret blocks for the sunny side up (yellow) quilt.

Elaine, from the Crazy Quilter on a Bike, found this article on convenience by Tim Wu, Columbia law professor. For me when it comes to convenience sometimes I think of it as being 'I want it done now'. Many times I've said 'if only I could twitch my nose and have it done, not now but right now'. Tim writes that we need to embrace inconvenience, such as hobbies. Hobbies define us and give us character. They give us time back, expose us to frustration and failure and teach us about us. "We must never forget the joy of doing something slow and something difficult, the satisfaction of not doing what is easiest." On that point I say go piece that one block that you've been dreading and looks extremely hard. You may find it easier that you think. (When in doubt have a glass of wine.)

Space block 6 is up. Did you know that what I thought was a meteor might actually be a comet or asteroid? Who da thought!

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