June 28, 2018


Block 3, Clamshells by Helen Stubbings. You can find her at Hugs from Helen. 

The clams look like eggs in a carton and were tricky. For Helen's tutorial I've also used a very light fusible.
What I did was:
1. choose the 10 fabrics and lay them out in the rows I wanted them in.
2. draw and cut out 10 clamshells on freezer paper,
3. cut out the fabric clamshell about 1/4" larger all around,
4. go to the iron - place the fabric wrong side up and the freezer paper template wax side up and press the fabric over the top curved edge so that it sticks to the freezer paper see Step 6 diagram on instructions. Then remove the paper. Press again.
5. laid the top row down stitched then second row stitched and last row stitched.
My flowers are machine freeform embroidered. I used a piece of regular paper for my stabilizer and freeform embroidered, like quilting. Stem and leaves are zigzagged.


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  1. Maybe try the foil technique next time to smooth out all those little points. You'll get the hang of it!