July 23, 2018

Two Sundays Mercury to Jupiter

Did anyone else notice that there were two Sundays and no Saturday last weekend? The first Sunday comes, I get up and do all my Sunday morning chores, ie change the sheets, do laundry, check the tv schedule to see if my two shows are repeats. What, they aren't on! Oh yeah, it's summer and they are on holidays. So downstairs to the sewing room I go. Tired of looking at the mess of fabric scraps piled up on the table,

I decide to make some Slab blocks, a block I learned from Cheryl Arkison,
20 blue slab blocks shown. From Cheryl Arkison  blog
Then there is the bin in the sewing room, on the shelf full of scraps that need to be sorted

by color into the smaller bins.
But, alas, it's time to go to High Tea at Reader Rock Garden with my sister. She answers the door in go out to work in the garden clothes. So I'm 20 minutes early. She shows me a quilt she just made using doilies made by grandma, mom and her. Gorgeous.

'So, are you going to get ready. ' I ask.
'What for?' she asks. 
'It's time to go for High Tea. '
'That's tomorrow on Sunday.'
'Today is Sunday.'
'Oh brother. See ya tomorrow.'

So back at home, feeling dumb and like it is still Sunday, shaking my head and still disbelieving it's Saturday, the sorting begins. 
Overflowing, before pic of inside small bins.
Now the small bin is all organized and only fat quarters and larger smaller pieces are neatly folded. The strips and odd squares, rectangles and whatever stuffed into a 13"x15" zip bag for a charity scrap quilt making person because, let's get real, I'm never going to make that slab block quilt. The yardage that was in the bins got wrapped around the Original Mini Bolt Centers. Even had room to pull small pieces from the yardage shelves to fill the small bin. 

Now the second Sunday is here. Chores were done yesterday. Relax and watch the Sunday morning show, do some piecing then off to High Tea with my sister at Reader Rock Garden near downtown Calgary. 
Reader Rock Garden is a hidden gem in Calgary. You park at the bottom and walk up to the restored home of William Reader for High Tea. You must go more than once a year as different flowers are in bloom at different times.

High Tea was excellent. Even had a snapdragon in my lemonade.
Sister and lemonade

Did anyone see '60 Minutes' Hubble Telescope Space segment? It was exciting as to what upgrades they have done to Hubble so that more galaxys and stars trillions of light years away are seen. And what was even more exciting, was that when they were talking about some of the stars and galaxys in space I actually understood them because of the space info learned. How cool is that? 
This week we are travelling from Mercury to Jupiter.

Happy travels!

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