August 20, 2018

Flying Geese Space To Home

   As the saying goes, it's always great to get away but even better to get home. These past months, we've traveled through space, the final frontier, but even better the finality is here. Thank you to all of you who made the trek .

   How many of you have problems with flying geese like I do? Jacquelynne Steves from The Art of Home has created another technique to make flying geese.

   Yeah, we are at the halfway point of Splendid Sampler II's free blocks. Block 10, Around Four Corners, by RachaelDaisy of Blue Mountain Daisy. Rachael has a very clever way to make the four circles. I'm in awe at how easy it is.

The decorative stitches were stitched using two 50wt threads, yellow variegated  and orange, through one 90 needle. If the thread keeps breaking then use a 100 needle and or adjust your tension. I threaded one thread on each side of the first loop (very left side where the thread goes to that then runs along the top of the machine) then threaded machine as usual.

Remember to change the sewing feet before stitching.

The decorative stitching all continuous. I started where two circles meet and went around each, then regular stitched to the next circle along the edge and decorative stitched around the two circles in a figure 8 path.

   Training is coming along. It's so smoky here that we can't go outside and there aren't any birds to amuse me. Yawn.

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