August 27, 2018

Shop Hop to Lloydminster and Back

   It was a glorious day today. No smoke and you could actually see the mountains. First time in 6 weeks. Oh no, there's snow on them!

   These beautiful fabrics were some of the backgrounds purchased during a shop hop with my sister to visit an aunt and cousins in Lloydminster SK and AB (border city). It was the old saying never say never, don't need any fabric, that is until we found a great background, white with red circles, on sale at Village Treasures in Mannville AB. 
Well we almost made it to Lloydminster unscathed. As you can see that was only the beginning. I daren't show you the other bits and pieces. Next stop, Extraordinary Extras in Vermilion, AB, there was the white and yellow circles on black. TG we were on a timeline to get to our meeting in Lloydminster. Otherwise disaster would have struck the debit card. 

But, then again we managed to get to Country Quilts & Stitches, which conveniently was across the street and up a couple blocks from where we were, to buy the blue fabrics.

   On the way home was another story as we had all day to head cross country thru all the small towns and villages. First stop, Creative Klutter in Irma, is where we got the bicycle fabric and a geode (rock with crystals inside).

Then on to Crafty Creations Quilt Gallery in Killam for the green fabric.

The What Not Shop, in the village of Forestburg with a beautiful garden around it, had the music black and white fabric and some wonderful elephant buttons. Unfortunately for us June was at a retreat, but fortunately her husband was there to help. Great fun we had.

Next stop, Caroline's Homespun Seasons in Stettler then a late lunch. All this hopping makes a girl hungry and unable to make proper fabric purchasing decisions.

Now all fed up and alert, it was away to the IDA and Quilt Shop in Three Hills. Yes we missed some in between but we had been to most of them on a previous shop hop a couple years ago. 

Thank goodness Never Done Quilting in Beiseker is open until 7 pm. (Probably for the people coming home from working in Calgary) It's in a converted bi-level house right downtown. I bought a very cute winter panel here. Definitely worth a stop.
   I'm happy to say we managed to spread the wealth around and now we're broke until next time.

   Well! As you just read, mom took off for a couple days and left me all by myself. It was so peaceful and I behaved myself (she didn't catch me). I love playing with my new white ribbon.

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