September 30, 2018

Bored? Cat Nap

   It's that time of year. You are back to a regular work schedule, routines are set, Christmas, yes Christmas, is just around the corner. About this time I get bored with routine and procrastinate the deadlines. Ugh, snow has been teasing us and I don't want to do anything. This summer I remember saying, I'll be glad when the cold comes because the fire smoke will be gone. Ha, be careful what you wish for.

A new study found the average person spends a total of two hours a day feeling bored. The top five boring things we have to do all the time are waiting on hold, dealing with slow Wi-Fi, sitting through video ads, opening junk mail, and waiting for websites to load, even if the Wi-Fi is decent. They forgot to put waiting on people to do things so we can move ahead. Today, all I want to do is cat nap with Kitty.

   This brings us to Splendid Sampler II's 15th free block, Cat Nap by Nicole Vos van AveztheWay too cute a block.

As usual no hand work, machine work only. Steps we did: 
  • draw the outlines for floor tiles, flower and kitty, 
  • fuse and decorative stitch the 3 yellow pieces,
  • freehand machine stitch the cat outline and flower and floor tiles. Did not floor tile stitch through cat,
  • decorative machine stitched the leaf pattern in the bottom tile,
  • Oops, just noticed haven't stitched a horizontal line. Go back and stitch the missed horizontal tile line,
  • Trim block.

   Remember the harness and the sit down protest. Well, it only took a couple of days to be released. The fun thing now is to sit at the door and meow and meow and meow to be let outside to explore. 
Such fun!

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