September 3, 2018

Labour Day Garage

   Not much happening here otherwise. It's been a lazy week. Been cleaning out one of the garage bays where we had put mom's things after she moved to the long term care facility. It's been a year and we'd like to have the bay back for winter. Winter? Ugh. Shush. You know it's just around the corner. The weather's cooled off and our smoky days are more off than on. Some of the fire areas had rain with wind blowing the fire back on itself. We actually saw the mountains last week. 
   Last Thursday the Tulip in Bloom block by Nadra Ridgeway of Ellis and Higgs became the 11th free block from The Splendid Sampler. It's way too cute and easy to make. Nadra has an easy way to make the leaf and background piece. Way less sewing and you can plan how your stripes will go. It was cool that I could use a checked fabric so that it looked like the stripes crossed.

   Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor snow, nor Mondays can keep us from hiking, that is until there's thunder. We at least hiked 4 km/2.4 miles. This is the third time we've attempted Sulphur Springs. Maybe try again Thursday. 

So off to Lucid Koffee in Bragg Creek - yipes, watch out for the wildlife - 

where we all played on our phones and swapped pictures, just like the young generation.

   Yes, it's been an interesting week cleaning out the garage bay. Boxes and furniture have been disappearing but there are still things that I can snoop. Oh mom, I found a shelf that is partially empty.

   Why do humans have so much stuff? All I need is my litter box, my comb, my ribbon, my scratch pad and my bed. Mind you, I have lots of beds and find more each week. Here's my latest. Mom even gave me a fuzzy blanket to sleep on. It's great because you can hardly see me.
Well, back to snoozing.

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