November 19, 2018

   Not quite the last leaf here, but pretty darn close. They are all frost and snow bitten and are still hanging on by their stem capillaries. Check out your Bonus free pattern The Last Leaf.

  Have you ever gone to use a piece of batting only to find out it was just shy of what was needed? I tell you what a pain! I use to hand baste pieces together thinking that stitching them wasn't that great. But, according to this video piecing batting together it is a okay.  Remember to use matching thread.

   It was a wonderful day for a walk today. Calgary has so much wildlife inside the city limits. Can you see the does and buck? They just look at us 2 legged creatures and carry on. No big deal.

For this time of the year it is down right balmy sitting in the sun. How many of you can relate to not having your picture taken? Mom, really do you have to? She's always trying to get a good picture. Even though I give her my good side, she says she needs a really good portrait not a cameo. Ugh!

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  1. Love your kitty, no matter what side. =) Beautiful time of year, especially if you're looking carefully. That's a great block. I was playing around with someone else's and it can get some great secondary designs by turning and flipping. One of these days, I'm going to use some larger scraps and make some to use in one of those flippy designs.