December 3, 2018

Sunny Side Mountain Ash

   Here we are in the block of the days. Sunny Side Up is my version of the Splendid Sampler II blocks. These first 2: Piece in Chaos by Betsy Chutchian and First Aid by Jane Davidson.

Then out of the pan and onto the plate are Antique Memories by Pat Sloan and Precious Things by Patrina Jahnke.

   One of the picturesque images in winter is the Mountain Ash covered in snow under a bright blue sky. It reminds me of a Baltimore Album quilt in traditional colours.

   Enjoy the rest of your week!

Meowtings to everyone. The place has been a hopping lately. What with the snow shoveling, the insistence that mom let me outside downstairs and all the decorating for Christmas I'm so worn out supervising all the goings on. Christmas cannot come soon enough. I already smell the treats.

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