October 12, 2019


   Who's stuffed? Who wants pumpkin pie? Turkey buns? Cranberries? Dressing?  Hope you are having or had a wonderful food filled, family filled Thanksgiving.
   Tuesday will be back to healthier eating? No carrots. Yes pizza.

   In between everything I managed to sew up two more of the 18" blocks. Even though I may be biased, I love how these fabrics go so well together. This could be my almost what is called a low volume quilt. In my day, it was called a blended quilt.
changed the center, should have been a scarecrow and pumpkin.
  What's next? Northcott's New Shimmer, Iceberg, is next. 

October 8, 2019

If It's Tuesday, It's Snowing

   Here we go again. Whoever is withholding Mother Nature's coffee please remember to give it to her earlier so she doesn't give to us. 

However, snow days are sew days. Two more I Can Make It blocks done. It started out as a challenge to use these 12 fabrics on the background and I love how they are turning out. Especially how the bottom star glows.

September 30, 2019

It's Winter, Clearing and Sew Time

       It's Sew Pieceful Time! I'm working on the new Moda Schoolhouse blog hop, fifteen 18" blocks, using a Kansas Troubles dark green background and Inspired by King's Road for the blocks. I think it looks like a flower garden at night.
If you are interested in how we pressed them check out facebook Quiltnasium where both front and back are posted.

   Clearing snow from tree branches, hmm, Christmas not far away, AND that means
we need to get after the Winter and Christmas quilting. No time like the present, he he, get it, present. Anyways, go to Christmas collection fabric  and Panels at Quiltnasium for your jolly deals of reduced fabric and all panels.

September 23, 2019

CreativeFestival - New Bonanza Rules

   Last weekend was so great seeing everyone at CreativFestival in Calgary. Thank you for stopping in for a visit. Remember to use your coupon when you come visit us at the shop.

Remember to sign up for the 2020 Block Bonanza, Diamond. 

  The rules are changing. To make the Bonanza more fun you now have the

September 17, 2019

You Are A Quilt Artist

   Believe it, you are a quilt artist. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned quilter.
Quiltnasium Beginner Artist
Judy Niemeyer Compass Point
Kaffe Fassett Shadow Play
   The other day a friend of mine says 'you are a quilt artist'. I'm like, what! "No I'm not.  I don't do pictorial quilts; I do geometric quilts."  She says, "That is not the only artist in the quilt world."
   Huh? A light bulb moment. Every quilter can, and should, call themselves a 'Quilt Artist', even if you follow a pattern. All of you choose:
what pattern to make,
what colours to use,
what fabric to use,
where to place the light, medium and dark fabrics,
where to place the blocks,
how to quilt it,
what pattern to quilt it with.
Every artist makes these similar decisions no matter what medium they use.

September 9, 2019

2020 Block Boananza

   Two views of the 2020 Block Bonanza quilt Diamond. I know yours will be just as beautiful. Program starts November 14, 15 and 16. You choose your day of the week. For those of you outside of Canada and the USA, email us at Quiltnasium for details.

   No hiking today. And as I said to a friend, we are not that dedicated. Thursday is to be sunny so they are heading out then. Sigh. Instead, I look forward to seeing your sunny faces at Quiltnasium. Come on in to see the quilt in person and sign up.

   I want to go outside. I want to go outside. I want to go outside. Stuck my nose outside. It's raining on the upstairs deck. Ran downstairs. I want to go outside. I want to go outside. I want to go outside. Stuck my nose outside. It's raining on the downstairs patio. Sigh, I'm on the couch.

September 2, 2019

Two weeks of Good and Bad

  Good. "Alright fellas, let's go." As the song goes, we went everywhere last two weeks, even to Edmonton and back on Monday and still managed to get the Block Bonanza Diamond quilt top completed. I might even put a border on it even though that wasn't the plan. I think the design will look good floating. Borders are not my favourite, but sometimes you have to. ps Got lazy, no border. 
In-house registration is here. For mail order registration go here. Quilt is at the quilter right now. Should have it in-house by Sept 9.

Remember the crabapple tree all white with blossoms? It's now so laden with crabapples that the branches are bending to the point of breaking. The birds will eat well this winter. 

   Bad.   The trees are turning already.
   Good. Finally made it to the Monday hike. Met everyone at the correct meeting place. 
   Bad. Followed the wrong car to the trail head and another car was behind me. It was a new person that had joined. As we drove past the Ranger Station I wondered why they didn't turn in. Mmm. Okay, so now we've driven more 40 km instead of 18 km. Oh here's where the A hike is, but I'm on B hike today. 
   Good thing the road comes to an end and makes a loop, otherwise we'd be in Banff right now. The car stops, they roll down their window, crapola, it's the newbie hikers. So I lead them back to where we should have turned 30 minutes later we arrive and Excellent the group had patiently waited for us.
   Bad. Oh the trail was muddy. Boggy as a matter of fact. We walked extra kms just to avoid the bog. At one time I said we should say to heck with it, take off our shoes, roll up our pants and go barefoot. The mushrooms were out in colour and glory.
Coral looking

at least 8" diameter
   Good. What a grand reception at the end.

   Bad. Took Kitty in for her annual check up. As many of you may know, like us humans, going to the doctor is not a favourite thing to do. A necessary evil. It really is too bad that animals learn this at a very early age. Had a scare with blood work and ended up going to the vet twice this week. And again, like human labs, the first bloodwork results were not good but the second results were a okay.   Good. 

   Bad. Oh **#%&**, mom took me for my annual check up this week. She'd been saying something about doing to the doc. I thought she meant going down to the dock.
Oh sure it's a full moon and everyone with their dog was at the clinic. I just hid while we waited and waited. Good thing we had an appointment otherwise I'd still be there. 
Now the vet is checking me out. I'm beautiful, I've lost weight like I was suppose to. Eyes clear. No runny nose. Ouch, teeth not good but not bad. Because I'm up there in age, the vet days she wants a blood sample to make sure all is well. Of Course, mom says. What! Hey you didn't ask me. I'm the one getting poked. It wasn't too bad, they poke me in the side of the leg. And while they're holding me down they're saying good Kitty. Ya right, I had no choice but to growl some. 
   What's going on? Why are you stuffing me in the travel bag? I know you took a while to find me over at the neighbours when I escaped from the yard through an open gate when you weren't looking yesterday, but why am I in this bag at 5:30am. Oh **#%&**, I'm at the vet again. What are they dracula? Ouch, more bloodwork. 
   Good. Doc says bloodwork is good. Calcium is normal. Kitty, you are a okay and can go. Quick let's get outta here. I could have told the vet that all is great and I'm in great shape compared to a year and more ago. In fact I'm full of p and v thanks to mom.

August 19, 2019

Dog Days of Summer

   Middle of August, and someone just informed me that there is only 5 more weeks of calendar weeks of summer left. Ugh! I'm still enjoying the roses and daisies in the garden.

   Made a tour last week to Waterton to take a trip down to the USA by boat on Waterton Lake with my awesome photographer sister, aka tacky tourist. She's loaded with cameras and dressed for major rain.

I had to stop to have a peek in the Prince of Wales hotel built in 1927. She sits on the bluff overlooking the town of Waterton. The entrance side, looks like she should be in the Alps. Next time visiting here will be to enjoy High Tea.

   Enough of escaping. The 24 Block Bonanza blocks are completed. Now to put the quilt together. A block. You think you can make it? I know you can.

August 12, 2019

It's Raining It's Pouring

It's raining, it's pouring.

Ole Kitty's snoring.
And I am still sewing,
the Diamond Block Bonanza.

We couldn't go outside today, so what better time to work on the Diamond quilt.

A handful of gals in Calgary once belong to the Cotton Pickin' Quilt group. They participated in the Desperado Mystery quilt. This simple and many layout quilt will be rejuvenated later this fall. You can choose to participate online or in-house.

Stay dry.

August 5, 2019

Diamond Bonanza

   How was your long weekend? Hectic or subdued?  We took time to test some of the Block Bonanza blocks. Are you ready to see them? No! How about the colours? We've narrowed down the colours to yellow greens, browns and yellows and are thrilled with how the tested blocks look. They are even Kitty approved.

Registration will begin September 1 so stay tuned. You can now register for The Quiltnasium Relay on the right side of the blog, third from the top, to receive details for Block Bonanza.

July 29, 2019

Block Bonanza Setting Seams

   Way back when, many gals in the Calgary area participated in-house, the four years we ran the programs. Many more gals participated via mail. Because it was so much fun back then, we are starting a new Block Bonanza in the fall. 

Today I spent part of the afternoon cutting out the background fabric for testing the upcoming Block Bonanza quilt, Diamond. Here is a teaser. Can't think of a better use of the long arm take up bars. Can you?

Be sure to sign up for Quiltnasium's newsletter to hear for the upcoming registration.

   One of the things that will be important in piecing the Diamond quilt is setting the seam. This is an old tailor’s trick, to make the seams lay completely flat. Even though tailors would be using wool or wool blend fabrics, the actual technique is the same and the result is just as effective.

In quilting, we lay the seam on the ironing board with the side up that the fabric is being pressed to. Most quilters press the seam with steam. (I do because it helps the fabric do as I want it to do.) Then fold the fabric over and steam press again. Warning: when using steam be careful not to stretch the fabric. 

Now, what I've learned is to press the seam on both sides thus causing the thread to embed into the material which give you a much crisper finish. Then open the fabric over the seam and slightly finger press the seam. Then steam press the seam. If you allow the block to cool then that keeps the fabric and seam as it should be because you are not disturbing the fabric. Remember cotton is easily influenced to move.

Enjoy your week!

      I'm so excited, mom is letting me tell you all that we celebrated our first year anniversary together last weekend. She has helped me get back in shape of being a cat. Now, I tear around the yard and up and down the stairs. I jump up on the bed without a footstool. I'm bring mom all the presents she needs. Best of all, I got a new scratching post. MEEOWW! We both love each other very much and think that life couldn't be grander!

July 22, 2019

Monday Morning Hike

   What better way to begin a Monday morning than sitting on the deck enjoying the neighbour's pond waterfall while Kitty listens and watches for mice?

Then head out to the mountains for a hike up to the chimney rock, at the top of the tree line, of Mount Yamnuska. Well, not today. Been there done that a few years ago. At the top is a breathtaking view. You can almost see Calgary. Today I went on the B hike through the Aspen Jungle and meadow flowers then bush whacked back to the car.

Meadow Lake and Mount Yamnuska north view
Aspen Jungle and south view
    Remember to check out the Dream pattern, kit and fabric for this pretty lap quilt.

  Finally, the rough draft of the 24 blocks for the Block of the Month, Diamond quilt, are ready for testing. It's getting closer to the beginning of the program.

July 15, 2019

Dream Bathroom Humour

   Why do the simplest quilts take the longest time to piece together? Dream quilt is finally done. Instructions and fabric available Thursday. 
I've uploaded a short video on piecing some of the strip set for the checkerboard border on Quiltnasium's facebook page under videos.
  Yea, Stampede is done. Herding is done. Dream is done. At the Stampede my favourite thing to visit the barns where the draft horses are. It was a bathroom humour day that day.

Just ask little kids