July 13, 2020

Colouring Page, Hail, Breakfast

   Who is ready? We have posted a colouring page for the Paper Sky program here. There is a video on Next Step Quiltnasium's facebook page and a link on Quiltnasium's home page explaining fabric values and showing the fabrics I am working with. Remember to sign up for Quiltnasium's Quilt Along by Kat facebook page as well.

  Tis the season. In Calgary, as we say in regards to weather, we get winter and Calgary Stampede. Winter was like yesteryear, so, why wouldn't Stampede be any different. Very nasty. I don't think Mother Nature got the memo about the Stampede being partially cancelled because she let it rip.
No this isn't snow. Hail.
I'm touching wood while I write this, we are situated in Calgary's banana belt where we get 100 times less the extreme weather. During this storm we only had rain. Whew! 

   The Breakfast Caravan did happen 4 mornings. Instead of people lining up, cars were lining up. We wore face masks and gloves and handed out pancake, sausage and orange juice take out. I was a traffic controller. Now I know how the police feel when controlling traffic. Sometimes you wonder how they got their driver's license. Here are some of Livewire Calgary's pics of the fun we had. Enjoy!

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