July 7, 2020

Stampede Paper Piecing

   This week is so uneventful. No Calgary Stampede. I should be down at the grounds walking through the barns, eating mini donuts and wandering through the Arts section. Covid really has put a damper on activities. Summer is here and I just want to get out and do summer things other than sit on my deck and watch Mother Nature.

   Only a couple more weeks away. Are you ready to start Paper Sky? Here are some notion things you may need for the project.
(from top left clockwise) Flower head or flat pins, ***glue stick if doing paperless paper piecing with a velum type paper, seam roller if no hera marker, seam ripper, hera marker if no seam roller, rotary cutter, add-a-quarter ruler, plastic with a straight or you can use a post card thickness narrow cardboard. Lastly, 1/4" graph paper if you want to create your own layout.  ***Glue sticks will not work if using any other paper type paper.

(from left) Any of these papers will do. Butcher paper paperless paper piecing, velum type paper for either regular paper piecing or paperless paper piecing, or opaque paper piecing paper for regular paper piecing.

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