October 23, 2017

The Blocks Are Done 148-150 Foxy

The blocks are done! The blocks are done! Congrats to those that have kept up. If I hadn't had to keep up I don't know if I would have. Many thanks to those that have inspired me along the way.

Now this is not the end. Next week we will post the finishing instructions. There are instructions for completing the sashing if you are not doing cornerstones plus the first border above the available blocks. This should keep you busy sewing all the blocks together and making the first border. Whew!

That said, I spent the week at Back to Nature, a retreat by Water Valley, Alberta. 

Being the early bird every morning, all was peaceful at 0530. Everyone else still snoring. That's my spot where the light is. Took the computer instead of the sewing machine. Much easier and less stuff that I probably would not have accomplished but ambitiously thought I could accomplish.

This little guy was peaking at us through the window one morning. I had to run upstairs, quick like a fox, to get his picture. Look at the bushy tail and beautiful coat. He's well fed and ready for winter.

These ladies are last in the program but are not the last women to have accomplished or pioneered or will accomplish or pioneer something big or small. I hope that you will continue to research other amazing Canadian born women. They will be found in any field from professional to domestic, from under the water to high in the sky, from a to z. What I have learned is that no matter how far Canadian women have come some things have not really changed. Good, bad or ugly we still have a ways to go and accomplish. You go gals!

B l o c k s  1 4 8,  1 4 9,  1 5 0

148 Ada Jane McCallum
149 Beverley Busson
150 Mom


October 16, 2017

Week 49 Second Last Week of Blocks

Has the time flown for you? Oh Yeah! Only this week and one more week of blocks and then the finishing instructions. Yowsers!

Because of Calgary's location to the Rocky Mountains we have awesome cloud formations. Sunday night the dusk sky was incredible. The first image is looking north and the second image is looking south. The swirls are awesome.

This week we present Ladies 145, 146 and 147.
Cairine swam in a sea of politics, Winnie swam in a sea of water and Riel jet skied through the clouds.

B l o c k s  1 4 5,  1 4 6,  1 4 7

145 Cairine Reay Mackay Wilson
146 Winnifred (Winnie) Frances Roach-Leuszler
147 Riel Erickson


October 9, 2017

Week 48 Blocks 142-144 Snow? EQ8 Upgrade

This is last Monday October 2. A small clearing on the highway otherwise it was total whiteout and you absolutely could not see one foot in front of you and hope like h that no one was stopped on the highway. You had to wear polarized glasses to see the all the snow movements and ruts. Ask us how we know.
Image by Dames on the Range facebook pictures

And now for one week later. Today it's 54 F and you would never know we had a blizzard.

Well folks that is Calgary. 

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B l o c k s  1 4 2,  1 4 3,  1 4 4

Do you yearn to be Chief of Surgery, or create a new medical system, or ask a lot of questions, or be a lawyer. We have these three women to thank for leading the way.

142 Dr Minerva (Minnie) Ellen Reid
143 Phyllis Jean McAlpine
144 Margaret Paton Hyndman