March 16, 2020

Office Wide Binding

   I'd thought I'd never say that I'd rather be cleaning than doing books. Whoa! Did the inner voice really say that out loud? Just spent 1.5 hours shoveling snow, it was snowing and blowing and freezing again, and the roads were the pits on the way to the shop.

Today, I'm tired of purging and boxing the office, it still looks a mess and I'd rather be doing books. Kitty loves it because she can hide on the empty shelves.
office to be fabric shopping room
   In between surges of reorganizing and books, quilts have been bound. I've discovered that I love a wide, 1/2", binding on quilts that have a simple outside border. Now, remember that the bindings are all machine stitched. No hand sewing for this kid. I have struggled with holding the fabric using both fingers and a wooden awl. The wooden awl was used to feel the ditch on the back side so that I could try to stitch in the ditch. Happened 75% of the time and I thought it looked messy on the back sometimes. The corners were a pain most of the time.

   The binding is first sewn on the back side of the quilt. The seam was originally sewn at 3/8" but now it is sewn on at just over 1/4", about 5/16".

See the yellow pin head, above diagram, at the grooved line on the walking foot. This is what I use for alignment. I use to use the edge of the open space on the foot where the pin head is. Be aware all

March 2, 2020

Quilts Bound

   Very busy and tiring week. Have been working diligently binding quilts. My absolute favourite thing. NOT. It's good that all bindings are all sewn on by machine otherwise I'd only have maybe have two small quilts fully completed. Quilted quilt ages are between 15 years and 1 month. It was why even finish them because they are just occupying space in a room. But, now I've found a place for them to go to that will take any size and I'm in the reorganizing purging mood. (According to my horrorscope horoscope this purging mood will last for at least another month. Look out house stuff.) 

Here are half of the quilts.
Farm panel 
Two fabric quilt
My expanded version of the Paddle Wheel pattern.
   Besides these quilts being completed, the new den is completely empty and waiting for a new uncarpeted floor. It feels so good I don't want to put anything in it. 

Imagine, an empty room. AHHH.

February 25, 2020

Another Room Emptied & Mouse

new den
   Whose idea was it to reorganize? Anyone out there care to lay claim? It's exhausting going through all the stuff. All that's left is the shelving and where to put it so that the carpet can be ripped out and some kind of real or plastic wood can be laid. 

Do you remember the 70 banker boxes stacked up? Well, they were emptied and some are now filled with books and books and books. The magazines have been gone through and are now free at the studio. We'll probably take some magazines to the quilt shows we are vending at in May and June. 

   Kitty (by the file cabinet) has been supervising with one eye open. It's amazing how much stuff one can bury in a room and totally forget about it. Besides filling the recycle bin umpteen times, I'm sure I've walk a thousand miles in, around and out the room.

Am disappointed that not much sewing is getting done at the studio because I've been going through magazines - keep or chuck. Got back some quilts from the longarmer, so will be binding them this week. One of my favourite things. Not. 
Please remember to check out our fabric sale online. It goes until March 31.

   Meeoow, it's been tiring. In, out, in, out, back and forth, back and forth. How can a kitty get any rest!

Mom's been doing such a meowrific job I thought she would enjoy another present. She enjoyed it alright. She chased me around outside trying to get me to drop the mouse.  What fun! I never did get it in the house but, I still got treats. 

   The other day I discovered a new place to find mice.  
I hear you

I see you