November 17, 2010


Hard to believe 2 days ago it was 11C / 52F. It's been snowing for 2 days now. First night snow started melting and as the evening cooled the snow turned to slush and then to ice. During the day snowing continued and temperatures went down. Driving and walking were done with caution. This morning, roads were and still are plugged. Tried to drive to swimming, but, ended up driving a circle around the community on the main roads and ending at home. Every street, thoroughfare was plugged. So my exercise of the day was shovelling the driveway and sidewalk. Now -13C / 8F

Mugo pine snow ghostSteam off the water

Canada Geese waiting for the storm to end

8" of snow - day two 

Day two

Sparrows at feeders

Birds between branches

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