February 4, 2011

Las Vegas

Don't you just love Las Vegas in all its splendor. Everywhere bells, whistles and flashing lights.
This time my friend, Joanne, came down. Her and I $pent time er money in the Bellagio. Bellagio's best part is hidden behind the casino. Cafe Gelato, specializing in Italian ice cream, truffles, chocolate, special cakes. Truly delectable.

And the Botanical Garden celebrating The Year of the Rabbit, dressed in the Chinese colours of red lanterns and zigzag bridges, gold coins, terra cotta soldiers and cart, bamboo and green rabbits surrounding one giant 10 foot hairy rabbit. Awesome. Amazing.

You know your in heaven when you can eat gelato and become mesmerized by koi swimming in the garden pool!
The next two days we went shop hopping. The shops are conveniently located in a circle around Vegas just off the freeway. 
First stop: The Fabric Boutique - wonderful, brightly lit shop that has a colour of the month.
2nd stop:  The Christmas Goose - cozy country feel.
3rd stop:  Quiltique - also brightly lit and full front windows.
4th stop:   Fiddlesticks - quaint shop in Boulder City that has a colour of the month.
Besides batiks and balis this pretty Luna Notte fabric says please take me home.
Adding grey, blue grey, sage and even red on the coral side will make this fabric sing. Already have a design swirling around in my head. TG am going home tomorrow. 

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