July 5, 2011

Modern - Nature and the Fire Department

You just have to love it when a plan comes together. It's even more rewarding when a friend's stash can come to the rescue when you cannot find the right fabric in your stash.
1st attempt

The revised block turned out great. It is amazing how the scale of the new fabric makes all the difference. The small checked fabric adds even more interest.

Firemen are so compassionate! They do so much to help all creatures great and small!

This family of ducks was ready to hit the pond in the green space behind my friend's house. She walked down 3 houses looking for a route to the pond before the firemen came and escorted them to the back thru a neighbor's yard. You just have to admire the firemen's willing ability to help everyone!

looking for a route to the back
on to the next house
C'mon li'l duckies.
Watch that they follow the path.

Have you ever notice that the smallest things can give you the biggest smiles and the best feeling!

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