September 25, 2011

Addition to the family

It's here and set up! Fusion aka Fred! Joyce and her husband Joe, from Big Sky Quilts in Montana, did a wonderful job of putting everything together and getting it all setup in a day. What a job that was! So grateful I didn't have to do it! The next day a had my first lesson. Woohoo!! Talk about exciting!!

And then, I badly hurt both hands so Fred has been relaxing and getting acquainted with his new home. Only this past week have I been able to piece. 

What happened to the office that was where Fred is now? Everything has been moved upstairs and combined with a living room office into the long forgotten den that was used as a storage for trucking and quilt store paraphernalia after closing and selling the businesses respectively.

Yes, that is a pink elephant in the chair. But, that is another story. Time for another reorganization. Yes, this is one of the other rooms that was mentioned in the first reorganization that needed to be redone. Anyone out there starting a business that requires office paraphernalia?

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