September 23, 2012

Getting Ready

WooHoo all 16 large quilts are bound and resting on the table. On top of the quilts are items that have to travel with the quilts as well. Hemmed 12 lengths of broadcloth for backdrop. They also have to be fireproofed. Under them are 2 table covers.

The dilemma is do they fly with me or are they shipped down and flown back with me. All was packed into these 3 large suitcases.

Notice the chrome wheels. Now I can pack the largest, 28", suitcase full and it is 70 lbs. So, was worried that when they were bursting at the seams they'd be well over 50 lbs. Nope, under 50 lbs. Why, no books and tightly packed fat quarter bundles. Only 1 more month to Houston.

I just love my back yard. It is a forest, a bird flight path, a feeding place and a stalking area. You got to laugh at Rocky, the neighbour's cat. He's been stalking these ducks for 40 feet, that are lunching up on the bird food that the birds spit out from the feeder above. Now what's so funny is that there is a 4' chain link fence and a line of spruce trees between him and the ducks. When he jumps up and over the fence there is such a racket from the chain hitting the poles that the ducks just fly away. Then he sits in the garden and stares at them in the lake. I'm sure he's thinking one day I'll get you. NOT!

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