April 10, 2013

Quilt Diva Style

On the board of CQA, Canadian Quilters' Association, is wild and wonderful Jackie who likes to challenge us. She purchased Amy Bradley's Quilt Diva pattern for each of us to design our own quilt diva. As previously posted, the diva will be moi. Being a kid from the 60's and 70's it was easy to come up with the diva style. In fact not only can one purchase some of the clothes and props but one only has to go thru the closet and sewing drawer to locate the items required. Scary thought isn't it! What is old is new again!

Since Jackie has revealed her diva, and you've seen the vest' these are the shorts to go with the vest. Talk about style! I'd also like to thank Jackie for the earring idea. It's way better that buttons.
On another stitch, check out the night and day photos of the pimple/boil on the ice. Way cool!

Note: the 90 degree zigzag trail of the only animal that can travel on thin ice, a rabbit.

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