December 3, 2013

Snow Day Sew Day

Snow day yesterday; sew day yesterday. If your Canadian you can definitely relate to Bob and Doug McKenzie of the Great White North.

Yesterday, not once, nor twice but thrice, the driveway looked like this, then this. Blizzard!

This morning, back at it again. Hopefully this is done for the rest of the year. In past few years, I've threatened to only shovel the sidewalk and a path up to the front door. Well, this year I'm not shovelling the bay closest to the front door. Now, the threat is to switch the car to the last bay and move the van to the middle bay and only shovel the last bay because the van will easily drive through the snow.
As for sew day, voila.

1 comment:

  1. First, that is a lot of snow! the quilt. Third, go down to one vehicle=)