February 6, 2017

Blocks 37-39 - 150 Canadian Women

A! Sugar 'n Spice! Bleep! are the words of the week.

It certainly was when I was piecing Block 37. That week I had a sinus infection and major cough and everything was in slow motion. Now one would think that that would help, as you are relaxed and taking your time. Not this time! I finally resorted to the what is old is new again, paperless paper piecing. Voila! It is perfect. Well maybe not by someone else's standard, but it is my perfect. That's all that counts.

This block has just proved again that there are many ways to piece blocks. If one way doesn't work, another way will. Just don't get discouraged. I cannot remember how many frogs were hanging around those couple of days.

For another bonus, Blocks 38 and 39 are easy. Keep up the great work. Remember to have fun and feel that sense of accomplishment when done. Woohoo, be proud, treat yourself!

Are you ready? Here they are.

B l o c k s   3 7,  3 8,  3 9
Available Tuesday February 7 by 10 am Mountain.

37  Mary Meager Southcott
38  Roberta Catharine MacAdams Price
39  Dr Maud Menten
Enjoy and have fun.


  1. Thanks for providing the pattern for the paper foundation! That will make things a lot easier.

    Did you know that you can set Blogger to publish at any time of day? If you set it for 10 am, then the patterns will always be available at the same time as the blog post. Now that you are posting regularly, Blogger will not have the same delays as the first couple of times.

    In any case, I'm really enjoying this project!

  2. I am really enjoying this project, love reading the write-ups. I have convinced my daughter to get involved and a few others are asking about it to.
    Thank you for going to all that work and organization.