May 29, 2017

Week 29 Blocks 85-87 Back to Reality.

Week 29 
Been away for two weeks and am still not back in the groove. Have 2 more days to get ready for the Lethbridge Quilt Show June 2 & 3. Stop by and see us beside the Wonderfil Thread booth. Will have fabrics at a great price.

Spent a beautiful Monday hiking in the Brown Lowery Provincial Park in the foothills. We sure cannot beat the beauty of the valleys and rolling foothills with the Canadian Rockies background. Am grateful to live in a beautiful part of the world.

These next three women's fields of expertise range from VON to orchestra conductor to art on the $10 bill. I am amazed at the variety of fields that Canadian born women have conquered and there being such little knowledge about them. Why is that? I am very grateful to discover these women I never would have known. Thank you Canada for turning 150.

B l o c k s  8 5,  8 6,  8 7

Available Tuesday at 10 am Mountain time.
85 Elizabeth Smellie
86 Ethel Stark
87 Kenojuak Ashevak


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