December 4, 2017

More Geese - Specials

Oh Oh! Something is going on. Is it the Super Moon? 
This week flying geese are on the paper piecing winds. My guild is challenging us to create a 4"x6" piece of our choice out of complementary colours. Mine is purple and orange. 
The first one: easy to make the geese in a curve and oh, I'll just piece the top and bottom curves. As an old seamstress, nothing to it. Right? Well, the top piece went well but the bottom piece was not so much. The curve was so tight it had to be hand stitched then sewn together on the machine. Let's put it this way a lot of steam and pressing the heck out of it does wonders.

Ok, so let's try to paper piece the whole thing. Oops, didn't plan the lines very well and ended up splitting it into half so it would work. Also, way to many smaller pieces so I added a big chunk in the lower right and a big chunk in the upper part of the smaller left piece.

Let's try this again, and add larger pieces instead of all these small ones. Feeling a little cocky now. I've made so many of these now they can be made with my eyes closed. NOT!
Mmmm they don't seem to go together when one side is pieced on the wrong side of the paper and the other side is pieced on the right side of the paper.

Ah this is better. Because both the project and the pieces are so little I used the Add an Eighth ruler instead of Add a Quarter ruler. 
Voila, it looks awesome.

If you want to try these flying geese here is the 4"x6" flying geese pattern. Note the first goose is not a whole one as the part of it goes into the 1/4" seam allowance.

p.s. In 3 weeks it'll be Boxing Day.

p.p.s. We are clearing fabric see specials for $5/m

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