July 16, 2018

Hot Day In AC Paradise

It was another hot day only this time spent inside in the AC proofing my upcoming pattern Scientist. It is for Northcott's Big Bang collection that is coming out in the fall.

Below is my quilt for proofing in odd fabrics.

July 12, 2018

Point Taken

Point Taken by Susan Ache is Splendid Sampler IIs sixth free block. (remember to scroll down) Finally a pieced block that you can go crazy with because there are no points and it uses connector corners.

A super easy block. I had fun adding the stripe, bacon, and even managed to somewhat match up the stripes. 

The tip this week is to pay attention to the pressing because it helps with nesting, matching and piecing seams. 

See Susan's instagram page for cool cross stitch and quilt projects.
Be sure to post your block on Splendid Sampler's fb page.

July 9, 2018

Calgary Stampede Space 10

Howdy and Yahoo! It's that time of year in Calgary. It's Stampede time, where everyone dresses western and parties for 10 days.

This is my fourth year serving a free breakfast of pancakes and sausages and juice for 8 mornings at various malls around the city. I'm over in the kids area where you can make your own rope, rope wooden steers, ride real ponies and pet the barn animals in the petting zoo. If you are in the Calgary area be sure to come for breakfast. Family day was on Sunday at the Stampede grounds. We served about 20,000 people from 8-11 am. Always very interesting.

Afterwards, I love walking through the barns, especially where the heavy horses, draft horses are. I had a chance to see some of the competition. This video is the Unicorn competition. One horse is in front and then two wheel horses behind the lead horse. The lead horse is usually the showboat and pays attention to what is happening ahead of them, ears a almost always forward. The wheel horses, because they are directly in front of the wagon, listen to the driver, ears are back, and do most of the pulling. All three hitches are pulled by Clydesdales. I love the hair, what they call feathers, around their feet. Also on Youtube here. Stampede is streaming live as well.

During Space Block 10 we are travelling to the Moon to see if there is a man in the moon and if it is really made of cheese.

Have a great week and see y'all Thursday for Splendid Sampler's 5th free block.

July 5, 2018


Splendid Sampler II's freebie Block 4, Balance, by Wenche Woldff Hatling from Northern Quilts in Norway is now available here. Remember to get your order in for the book so you can follow along after the 20th block.

This is such a cute block. It reminds me that balance does occur even when a big thing is on a small scale. 

Where is the egg for Sunny Side Up you ask? Look carefully, can you see it? Why it's the ear.
My first tip is for the stand. At first I cut out all the little triangles and had problems lining them up because I'm raw edge fusing and decorative stitching around the edges. Solution: Cut the stool as one cylinder piece and then cut the two top triangles as one piece. So now, I'm only working with two pieces.
The next tip is based on the elephant fabric. I fussy cut the fabric so that the elephant eye would be in a flower. I didn't get it the way I wanted it but I think the eye/flower placement turned out better. It seems the subconscious knew better than the brain. 

"Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing."
- Lori Deschene

July 2, 2018

Canada Day Scientist

Did everyone survive Canada Day?
My Canada Day started at 3:45 am. Up and at it for the 1.5 hour drive to Canmore to flip pancakes and sausages at Canmore's annual Canada Day celebration, parade and all. Then over to the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop for some goodies for testing my new pattern for Northcott, Scientist. Unfortunately, Northcott's fabric isn't out until this fall but am working on getting the pattern ready for August. Stay tuned. It'll be fabulous for the big or little science person in your life.
border - background - flask - chemical reaction.
On the way home, made a stop in Bragg Creek at the candy and ice cream shop. If you ever get a chance try Limezilla ice cream. Oh yum! If you like lemon or lime, it's the best. Then at the counter there was this taffy treat from my childhood years, some 50 years ago. If you are old  er young enough you'll recognize this. What a great way to finish up the day, ice cream and taffy.

It's Monday, hooray, a hike to wear off the pancakes, sausages (had to taste test for quality control), ice cream and taffy. The rain stayed away making it a glorious day seeing all the woodland flowers.
ridge view