July 2, 2018

Canada Day Scientist

Did everyone survive Canada Day?
My Canada Day started at 3:45 am. Up and at it for the 1.5 hour drive to Canmore to flip pancakes and sausages at Canmore's annual Canada Day celebration, parade and all. Then over to the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop for some goodies for testing my new pattern for Northcott, Scientist. Unfortunately, Northcott's fabric isn't out until this fall but am working on getting the pattern ready for August. Stay tuned. It'll be fabulous for the big or little science person in your life.
border - background - flask - chemical reaction.
On the way home, made a stop in Bragg Creek at the candy and ice cream shop. If you ever get a chance try Limezilla ice cream. Oh yum! If you like lemon or lime, it's the best. Then at the counter there was this taffy treat from my childhood years, some 50 years ago. If you are old  er young enough you'll recognize this. What a great way to finish up the day, ice cream and taffy.

It's Monday, hooray, a hike to wear off the pancakes, sausages (had to taste test for quality control), ice cream and taffy. The rain stayed away making it a glorious day seeing all the woodland flowers.
ridge view


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  1. Always love to see the ground dog wood, your second picture from the bottom. I can just imagine the scent of the woods, the crushed pine needles giving fragrance to the air as they are warmed by the sunshine!