July 30, 2018

WIPs and Kitty

It's been a crazy week. I think it was the full moon and lunar eclipse effect. We completed two WIP blocks from different quilts. My guild was a recipient of some WIPs of a lady that had past away. Lo and behold two of the many WIPs are from block of the month quilt programs that I designed when I had my store. Some of you will recognize them Spring Crocus and Garden Trails.

LOL, following my instructions I revised the pressing instructions. Oh well that's what happens when you do something that is 12 years old.

How many of you are participating in Splendid Sampler II? This is the 7th free block "For The Love" by Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations.

Mine is raw edge applique. However, I made the yellow piece all one instead of eight pieces stitched together. All you have to do is trace the A and reverse A templates as one big template four times. Do not cut out the square as it is used as a guide for placement.
Remember when cutting template B you only have to make the bottom of the diamond almost 1/8" wider so that there is just enough fabric to put under the yellow and so that the decorative stitching just covers the slight shadow.
I was able to continuous decorative stitch alternating between blanket, straight and daisy stitch.

Now, for some exciting news. But first the sad news. It's been a few years since my cat, Lucky, died. Her death was not peaceful. I believe that the drugs I gave her for her liver made her hallucinate. The more I gave her the worse it got. It was hard for me to continue to give it to her and hard on her mental state. Her last night was extremely awful and her last morning was awful for me. I've had a hard time because I had always told her that she was my last cat as she was the best I've ever had and that I was going to get a dog. So between my deceit to get another cat and her awful death and the fact that I didn't have time to properly look after a dog, I've been animal-less for a few years with no one to talk to at home. LOL, as my friends can advise, do not be the first person Kat sees in the morning because you're ears will hurt from the blah blah and blah. 

Today I introduce you to Kitty. She is 13 yr 7 months 7 days. 6+ kgs (2.2 lbs = 1 kg) instead of 6+ lbs. Her previous two families over loved her. So both her and I are on special food, ie no junk food and table scraps. Kitty is just starting and I've been on this for 2 weeks already. I have to admit, going without refined sugar has sure helped my brain fog.

This is Kitty, in the closet on a furry mat instead of the hardwood floor. From the first night she has slept at the foot of the bed. This made me very happy that she felt comfortable enough to do that. The shaved fur on her leg is where the vet had to do something when in the shelter.
From Kitty and

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  1. Thanks for the tips on the SS block. Your two blocks are really great designs. How amazing life is sometimes! Your kitty is a beauty. Maybe I should eat less sugar!