October 22, 2018

Over 70

   The other day I just had to read Maclean's, Canada's happiest people are teenage boys and women over 70 article. Women over 70 are healthy, happy and enriched by life experience. The boys are' self-deluded' in their own bliss, and that's another story.

Me, I claim to be an intermediate senior, not quite 65, and definitely enjoy my semi-retired life. What is better than sitting down at a sewing machine and stitching to one's heart content, especially with Kitty or puppy by your side? Nothing, well okay, playing with grand children or pets, and visiting with friends, especially quilting friends, and family. Accordingly, we reap the benefits of having a strong sense of belonging and accomplishment. You bet we do. There is nothing better than sitting with a group of quilters and making the last stitch on a binding.

   This brings me to the next free Splendid Sampler II block, Flower Child by Carolee McMullin, owner of ADORNit.

I have to say I'm getting very proficient at applique and using more decorative stitches.  Two hints: 1) press center seams open, 2) to get the stripe going in the same direction, place the two squares either wrong or right sides together and cut diagonally.

   For those of you who have never been to Calgary or have just come during one season, ie winter or Calgary Stampede, here is a link to Maggie Ssuzzy's pictures. The music is strange for Calgary so I recommend that you watch the video with the music off.

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