October 15, 2018

   Splendid Sampler Block 17, Pineapple by Jane Davidson.  A little pineapple to go with the bacon. This block was much easier if you machine embroidered the little squares. Then did french or colonial knots. I definitely wasn't going to fuse or needle turn the squares. Unh-unh, nada, no way Jose. And it was even easier if you had the right fabric. Just so happens we did. Fussy cut then add colonial knot in the darker circles. WooHoo!

   If you asked me years ago to make 6" blocks I'd have laughed and said no way. And now, after making the 150 Canadian Women quilt, I love the smaller squares. Check out the latest block for the 2018 Murder Mystery quilt. Five, yes FIVE, inches square. Oh so cute. I'm finding that nothing larger than 9" squares are my favorite.

The only problem was trimming 100, yes ONE HUNDRED, hst's to 1.5" square.
Way too cute.

   We are now back in warm fall weather. Maybe, what they call, indian summer.

Good evening everyone. Last week was dreadful. It snowed and snowed and snowed. I might get my paws wet and cold. However, it was fun bugging mom to let me outside even though I had no plans to go outside. She is such a sucker. But, you know there is always a but, when the weather finally warmed up, mom let me outside unsupervised. I think she went to get her coat and forgot about me. Anyways, the door shut and I scratched and scratched and scratched. When the door opened she was so apologetic. I got a treat. Then ignored her.

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  1. It's too soon for snow, even in Canada! LOL I don't see me making 1.5" anything, but I do like your blocks and am so impressed with the work you've done for them. Your pineapple is adorable!