November 9, 2020

MIA Zoom

   So this was all weekend in the far south of Alberta, Lethbridge.

lethbridge show
And all this weekend not so far south in Alberta, Calgary. Ol' Father Winter let us know he was coming on winds of 85kg/hr = 55mph. Almost all the leaves are gone and the lake has a thin ice covering. As my dad used to say, 'Better put rocks in your pockets.'
Calgary snow

   Sometimes, it is bad getting old. Sometimes, it is hard to believe I worked in IT and knew all the latest technology. When the phones became smart phones, I didn't care and didn't want one. Since getting back into business in early 2000s, I've been playing catchup ever since. The ol' brain is slower and sometimes it likes to run backwards. 

But thanks to a young whippersnapper teaching an old fuddy duddy, we've finally kind of got the hang of 3 cameras, OBS and Zoom. So, for those of you that are registered on facebook with your pattern for the 150 Canadian quilt rerun we will be taking the first kick at a zoom meeting for cutting out the background and Block 1. 

For those of you waiting for the gypsy wife program to start it will happen in a couple of weeks.

We are almost finished with the roll over of to another webhost and updating the blog look and getting the email operating again.

I'd like to thank all you for being extremely patient in waiting for these programs to happen.


  1. The wind was terrible. Stay safe.

  2. It was 23 here yesterday in southern Ontario and will be again today.